City of Conroe Transit Department

Conroe Connection Public Transit

The public transportation agency for the City, Conroe Connection Transit (CCT), provides a low-cost mobility option for residents traveling to and from housing, jobs, services and shopping. The City initiated transit planning in 2013 after identifying the need for more robust transit than was offered by other providers in the community. In 2015, the transit system started and consisted of two fixed routes with complementary Americans with Disability (ADA) paratransit service. As the City grew, and with it the need for additional transit connectivity, CCT expanded to four fixed routes. The City also provides ADA paratransit service within three-quarters of a mile of the fixed route service. In 2019, the City, in partnership with the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC), negotiated with Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas (METRO), to establish Park & Ride Commuter Bus Service to Houston. Through this partnership with H-GAC and METRO, the commuter bus connects Conroe to Downtown Houston, Midtown, the Texas Medical Center and the VA Hospital.

The City has invested in the public transit service and CCT is making sure it is sustainable for the future. Concurrent development of the Transportation Department and transit system has led to moving operations in-house, the advancement of plans and administrative processes, such as innovative programming, grant management, finance and compliance procedures, procurements, planning and marketing.

Notice of Transit Advisory Committee Meeting

Department’s Vision & Mission Statement:

Vision: Conroe, a livable and sustainable community accessible by public transit.

Mission: Connect Conroe through a safe, accessible and reliable public transit and mobility services.