Thank you for visiting the Conroe Police Department web page.  Our hope is that you will find the information contained in our website both useful and informative.

The Conroe Police Department is comprised of 170 sworn officers, 46 civilian employees, and numerous civilian volunteers.  All are committed men and women dedicated to creating a safer environment and providing quality service to the 94,000 plus citizens of Conroe, the thousands of visitors to our city and the approximately 77.5 square miles of city we serve.  The responsibilities of the Police Department demand funding of approximately $27.2 million.

We continually assess what we do in order that we may always provide for our community's needs and expectations.  Our challenge is to always live up to the City of Conroe Mission statement:

"To protect and serve the citizens of Conroe and exceed their expectations"

Again, we appreciate your interest in the Conroe Police Department.  We invite and encourage you to email, phone or fax us with any comments that will assist us in providing you with better service.

Thanks again,

Jeff Christy
Chief of Police
Conroe Police Department

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The Conroe Police Department is accredited by the Texas Police Chiefs Association Best Practices Accreditation Program.               

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Police Clean LogoThe Conroe Police Department is dedicated to serving our community through the protection of life and property and the prevention of crime.  The Department will work to enforce the laws, maintain order, educate the public and provide public assistance for the purpose of ensuring the highest quality of life.

As the Police Department serves our community, we emphasize:

  • A Service Orientation - Responsiveness to our community needs by quality of service and respect for the dignity of the human spirit.
  • Enforcement of Law—We enforce laws and ordinances and uphold the Constitutional rights of all those within our jurisdiction.
  • Maintain Order - Through vigilance, ensure the day-to-day activities of the community may proceed in an environment of stability and security.
  • Educate the Public—Enhance the public's awareness of crime information and educate the general public on crime-related matters.
  • Provide Public Assistance—Respond to non-criminal or non-emergency concerns such as traffic control, suspicious circumstances, possible safety hazards, and other citizen requests for assistance and provide referral and direction to resolve non-criminal problems through local social/humanistic services.

We believe that it is our responsibility to provide the highest level of police service to each person we contact.  To that end, we are committed to forming effective partnerships with the neighborhoods we serve to work together to provide a safe community.


The Conroe Police Department will fulfill its mission and goals with integrity and leadership.   Its members will strive to be fair, courageous, and dedicated to service to our community and the Department.

638282035914070000The Conroe Police Department is accredited by the Texas Police Chiefs Association Best Practices Accreditation Program.