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Welcome to the Conroe Parks and Recreation Department, your trusted partner in creating vibrant and thriving communities in Conroe! As stewards of the city's natural and recreational resources, we are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

At the Conroe Parks and Recreation Department, we are committed to providing exceptional parks, facilities, programs, and services that promote health, wellness, and leisure for people of all ages and backgrounds. With a passion for community engagement and environmental stewardship, we strive to create inclusive spaces where everyone can connect, play, and thrive.

Discover the possibilities with Conroe Parks and Recreation Department and let's create a brighter future together!

Vision: "Bringing people together to change lives." 

Mission: "To improve the quality of life in Conroe by providing the best parks and recreation facilities and programs at affordable prices." 

Rainout Information/ Field Closure Procedures

Fields are considered open and usable unless otherwise indicated by the Parks and Recreation Department. Field usage during wet or saturated conditions may cause personal injury or extensive field damage resulting in field closure and costly renovations. If the condition of a field is marginal at best, it’s always better to reschedule your game or practice rather than risk damaging the field and having it taken out of use. When the soil dries it will create ridges and permanent standing water will start to appear at the next rainfall. Deciding to play in wet areas has long lasting negative effects for weeks or months which may cause delays to the season.

On weekdays - a decision on field closure will be made by the Parks & Recreation Department staff no later than 3:30 p.m.

On weekends - a decision to open or close a field shall be made by Parks & Recreation Department staff by 7:00 a.m.

Loss of Field Use Privileges

Field users are asked to adhere to the signs indicating fields are closed. Failure to abide by the procedures may result in the forfeiture of field deposit and/or loss of field use. If an organization or individual group is found to be playing on a field that is closed or should be closed, based on field closure criteria, they will be asked to leave immediately, if appropriate. Possible suspension of field permit and reimbursement for damages may apply. A history of violations may result in denial of future field use permit requests.

Coaches may check the field status hot line by calling 936.522.3920. However, field signage shall take precedence.


What is The Outdoor Adoption Program?

The primary purpose of this program is to assist city maintenance crews with assigned tasks and projects within a park in order to create a clean park environment for all to enjoy. An Organization/Citizen may choose to Adopt a Park, Trail, or Street Median.

Tasks may include trash pickup, graffiti reporting, weeding/raking playgrounds, sweeping shelters, cleaning picnic tables, mulching trees/shrubs, restocking doggie bags, and reporting vandalism. Adopters can also help with special projects, such as graffiti cover-up, painting projects and planting flowers. Some projects and tasks are not available year-round and may be available only at specific parks.


Map of Facilities and Parks

Forms and Waivers

Forms CenterParks and Recreation Forms, Rental Forms, Financial Assistance Forms, Waivers, and Recreational Assistant Volunteer Packets are all found in our Forms and Waivers Document Center.

Forms and Waivers Document Center

Master Plans and Studies

In order to ensure the City of Conroe is providing the citizens with adequate facilities and programs to meet recreational needs and that of overall quality of life in Conroe, it becomes necessary to periodically update the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, Conroe Aquatic Center Feasibility Study, and the Oscar Johnson, Jr. Community Center Feasibility Study. Efforts to update the plans and studies are aimed at assessing the current recreation needs of the public and planning for those of tomorrow.

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Parks Ordinances

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Members

MEMBERS Term Expires Orig. Appt

Mary Tolbert (Chairperson) 

05/31/2025 2013

Councilwoman Marsha Porter

05/31/2024 2021

Mary Ann Metcalf (Vice-Chair)

05/31/2024 2010

Kent L. Hineman

05/31/2024 2018

Cil Steinkopf

05/31/2025 2019

San Cheng



Don Williams



Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Gifts for the Community

Your Gifts are Welcome in our Parks and Facilities

Your gifts will contribute to the implementation of Our Vision & Our Mission while offering opportunities for permanent memorials & recognition.

There are several ways to contribute to the community, create permanent memorials, and recognize greatness!
• Park Benches
• Picnic Areas
• Play Equipment
• Trees/ Shrubs/ Flowers
• Planters/ Gardens
• Drinking Fountains
• Memorial Plaques
• Brick Pavers
• Shade Structures
• Recycling/ Waste Receptacles

In order to preserve the integrity of design and planning, our staff will work with prospective donors regarding cost, design, site selection, and timing.

Just call our office for an appointment:
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Our office is open Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm. Please leave a voicemail if calling outside of normal business hours or email us at