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Thank you for visiting the Engineering Department's homepage. If you have questions or concerns about development, or would just like to know more information about development policies, then you've come to the right spot! In the City of Conroe, the Engineering Department oversees a wide-range of development and construction activity related to public infrastructure, which includes water systems, sewer systems, streets, and storm water drainage methods; basically, all of the behind-the-scenes work that keeps the City of Conroe operating smoothly.

In our section of the City's website, you'll find a few different subpages for the activities that we oversee, which includes regulation of the Subdivision Ordinances, as well as the Floodplain Management Ordinances. Generally, the pages should reflect the main two stages of private development:

  • Phase I - Land Planning
  • Phase II - Site Development

If you are seeking information about later stages of development, such as building construction or tree preservation, then check out the Building Department's pages! Or, if you're not quite at the planning stage and are still in the preliminary phases, explore other areas of the City website to learn more about annexation, construction incentives, etc. 

Of course, where the Engineering Department also oversees new improvements to the City's infrastructure on behalf of the city itself, also referred to as Capital Improvement, we have an entire section dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on all of the activities we do to help Conroe thrive!

If, for some reason, you've noticed an issue or have a concern of your own, then we'd like to start that conversation to see about finding a solution that works for you. Explore our "Infrastructure Concerns" pages to learn more about how you can help make our city a great one. Remember - no issue is too small and your voice matters.