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Archived News
  • Project Status Report

    A brief update on current projects in the city.

    11/26/2019 12:30 AM

  • Texas is home to many of the cities seeing the fastest population growth since 2010

    Conroe –one of 11 cities in Texas on this list – more than doubled in size since 2000, going from nearly 37,000 to more than 77,000. The population growth slowed down a little bit at the turn of the decade, with just about 20,000 making this city about 40 miles from north of Houston their new home..


  • Disaster Declaration

    The City of Conroe has suffered widespread or severe damage resulting from heavy rains and flooding and has declared a disaster. For more information...


  • Water Testing

    Recently the City of Conroe’s Public Works Department has received complaints about door to door solicitations for a company selling water treatment systems that may have left the impression that the solicitor was acting on behalf of the City and that there may be an issue with the water quality...