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Water Conservation
300 W. Davis
Conroe, Texas 77301

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 8am-5pm

Phone: 936.522. 3885

Water Meter FAQ

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What kind of meter do I have?

Your water meter is the Neptune E-CODER R900i

My water meter has a forward arrow with a plus sign (+) flashing very slowly in the LCD read-out and it will not stop flashing. What is the problem?

This indicates a very slight flow. Watch the 9th digit in the LCD read-out and you will see it increment over time.

My water meter has a reverse arrow with a negative (-) sign in the LCD read-out. What does this mean?

This icon indicates reverse flow. You either have reverse flow occurring at the site or the water meter has been installed backwards.

What is the solid faucet on the LCD read-out?

The solid faucet indicates a continuous leak occurrence over the last 24 hrs. Check the 9th digit in your LCD read-out to see if it is incrementing. If so, check your interior and exterior faucets, the valves in your toilets, and look around the exterior of your home for signs of surface water.

What is the flashing faucet icon on the LCD read-out?

The flashing faucet indicates an intermittent leak occurrence over the past 24 hrs. Check your interior and exterior faucets and the valves in your toilets to see if leakage is occurring.

Does my meter provide rate of flow information?

The meter provides a localized read-out of average flow rate every 6 seconds on the LCD display. Every 6 seconds the word "RATE" will flash and the flow rate will be displayed for 2 seconds on 5/8-2" meters.