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Utility Billing
300 W. Davis St.
Conroe, Texas 77301

Business Hours
Monday-Thursday 7:30am-5:30pm
Friday 8am-5pm

Phone: 936.522.3170

Billing FAQ

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  • What is required to turn on the water on temporarily so I can clean an empty house or do some maintenance?

    The city will set up a temporary account for two weeks that requires a $15 service fee and a $40 deposit. The water and sewer charges will be deducted from the deposit after the account is closed.

  • I have an account with the city already. What is required to establish an additional account at another address?

    If your current account has a perfect pay history for the most recent twelve months, you can set up additional accounts with just a $15 service fee and can be billed to the new account. If you do not meet this criteria, a $15 service fee and a deposit that is appropriate for the type of account will be required (residential - $75, small commercial - $100, large commercial - varies).

  • I had a leak, can I get an adjustment on my bill?

    The city will make adjustments for water or sewer charges when a leak occurs. Please remember, though, that residential customers are charged a maximum of 10,000 gallons for sewer service. Any reduction in sewer bills will be very small for residential customers.

  • Does the city make exceptions in hardship cases?

    The city will work with any customer that is experiencing difficulty paying. We can grant payment extensions and offer payment plans, up to three months. In no case are charges reduced or eliminated for hardship reasons.

  • I want service, but have a delinquent bill from an old account. How do I establish service?

    Pay the past due amount and a deposit of twice the amount of the normal deposit.

  • My service was disconnected for non-payment. What is required to re-establish service?

    Pay the past due amount, a $35 reconnect fee. Service will be turned back on the same day if payment is received before 3 p.m. If payment is received after 3 p.m., service will be turned back on the next business day.

  • My service was finaled for non-payment. What is required to re-establish service?

    After service has been disconnected for non-payment, we wait 7 days to final the account. If the account has a deposit, it is applied to the final bill. To re-establish service, the old account must be paid in full, plus a $35 reconnect fee, and a deposit that is twice the normal deposit.

  • Can I turn off the water back on myself?

    Only city personnel is authorized to turn service back on. Tampering with a meter could cause damage to the gate valve or meter. Also, turning a meter on without authorization is considered theft of service.

  • Why was I not notified in person before my service was disconnected?

    If your payment is not received by the due date, a disconnect notice is mailed indicating the amount that is due and the date of service disconnection. This is the only notification you will receive. Our meter staff is instructed to disconnect service and leave the property. They are not allowed to collect payment in the field nor are they authorized to negotiate terms to re-establish service.

  • I will not be able to pay my utility bill before the disconnect date. What should I do?

    A request for an extension must be submitted in writing by mail to: (City of Conroe Utility Billing Department, 300 West Davis, Conroe, TX 77301); or e-mail to   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; or fax to 936-522-3178; the request must be submitted by the close of the business day on the cut off notice.

  • I paid my bill so why did I receive a disconnect notice?

    We either received your payment after the the due date or we did not receive payment at all. Contact the Utility Billing Department at 936-522-3170 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to make sure your payment was received. This is the only disconnect notice you will receive.

  • Why was I asked to bring my lease agreement or home purchase contract with me to establish service?

    If the previous occupant of the property had service terminated for non-payment, we want to ensure that you are the new occupant and are not responsible for the outstanding debt.

  • Does the city pay interest on my deposit?

    The city does not pay interest on deposits. Most deposits are $75 and any interest earned would be minimal when you deduct the cost to manage the program.

  • When will I get my deposit back?

    Your deposit will be refunded to you on one of two occasions. First, if you keep a perfect pay history for twelve consecutive months, the city will mail you a check in the amount of your deposit. Second, if you cancel service with the city, your deposit will be applied to any unpaid balance. The remaining amount will be mailed to the fowarding address that you supply us.

  • Why is my bill so high this month?

    1. Irrigation, 2. A change in the number of people living in the household, 3. A leak in the plumbing system, fixture, or water appliance, 4. Incorrect settings on your irrigation control box.

  • Are there ways to conserve water?

    Yes. The city has information on how to conserve water at your home or business. Using less water lowers your monthly bill and delays the need for the city to spend funds on additional water production and distribution facilities. For more water conservation information click here.