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Conroe Connection

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City of Conroe

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Conroe, TX 77305

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Conroe Connection 5-Year Strategic Plan

Title VI Equity Analysis Conroe Connection Transportation Maintenance Facility

The purpose of this study is to analyze the top three locations identified in the site selection analysis to ensure that the alternatives and final selected location were selected without regard to race, color, or national origin. This study also compares the equity impacts of the three alternatives. The following three candidate sites were evaluated for use by Conroe Connection:

• Site 1 – up to 12.6 acres available

• Site 2 – up to 12.5 acres available

• Site 3 – up to 17.4 acres available

As per the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) requirements in Circular 4703.1 (Environmental Justice), Title VI equity analyses for the location of facilities must occur in the planning stage before a preferred site has been selected. Sites will be evaluated and ranked as part of the site selection analysis. The Title VI analysis represents just one of the criteria used in the evaluation.