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Police Department
2300 Plantation Drive
Conroe, Texas  77303

Business Hours
Monday-Thursday 8:00am-6:00pm
Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

Phone: 936.522.3200


Criminal Investigation

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The criminal investigation function is carried out by the Criminal Investigations Division (CID). Detectives of the Criminal Investigations Division perform follow-up investigations, as needed, on many different types of cases. The Criminal Investigations Division is subdivided into several specialized squads that investigate violations of Texas State Law such as homicide, robbery, burglary, assault, sexual assault, theft, etc..

The Criminal Investigations Division regular business hours are 8:00am to 6:00pm on Monday through Thursdays, and 8:00am to 5:00pm on Fridays.

To contact us:

Phone (936) 522-3231
FAX (936) 522-3378
Mail: CID
Conroe Police Department
2300 Plantation Drive

Conroe, TX 77303

C.I.D. Commander:
Lt. James Kelemen -

Crimes Against Property:
Sgt. Jeff Smith -

Crimes Against Persons:
Sgt. Scott McCann -

Sgt. John Key -

Crime Scene/Evidence
Sgt. Mark Walls -

Crimes Against Persons

This unit investigates homicides, sexual assaults, robberies, family violence, telephone harassment, and other diverse cases.

Property Crimes

This unit investigates cases involving burglary, theft, non-injury hit and run accidents, trespass, and various other property crimes.

Financial Crimes

This section is a part of the Property Crimes unit and these detectives investigate forgery, credit/debit card abuse, Identity theft, Internet fraud, embezzlement, and similar crimes.

Juvenile Section

This section is part of the Crimes Against Persons Unit. These detectives investigate all types of crimes committed by, or against, children less than seventeen years of age. The most common offenses against children include child abuse/neglect, sexual assault/indecency with a child, and other assaultive offenses. Runaway, shoplifting, theft, and assault are the most frequent offenses committed by juveniles investigated by this section.

The Juvenile Section works closely with the Montgomery County Juvenile Probation Department, as well as with the Children's Protective Service (CPS), a division of the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services (DPRS). All reports of child abuse or neglect occurring in Conroe and reported to the CPS are referred to the Juvenile Section for follow-up investigation. Additionally, the investigators assigned to the Juvenile Section participate as staff members of the Children's Safe Harbor operated by the local Child Advocacy Center.

Narcotics and Vice

This unit investigates cases related to the illegal trafficking of drugs/narcotics, prescription forgeries, illegal gambling, and prostitution. They are also tasked with the investigation of all cases that are gang related and with reducing gang activity in the City of Conroe.

Members of this unit are available for presentations to community groups on topics related to their assignments. To call in tips on drug/narcotics trafficking or to arrange a community presentation, please call 936-522-3303. You may also submit drug/narcotics trafficking tips to the Montgomery County Crime Stoppers hotline at 936-539-STOP or through the World Wide Web at Montgomery County Crime Stoppers.

Auto Theft

Auto Theft Investigators are responsible for the investigations of all thefts and recoveries of automobiles, motorcycles, tractor trailers, and precious metals within the City’s jurisdiction. Investigators conduct inspections of metal recycling facilities, salvage yards, repair shops, and dealerships, as well as issuing permits governed by City ordinance.

Investigators commonly assist patrol with identifying automobiles, motorcycles, and trailers that have been altered and assist in identifying the rightful owners. This Unit maintains a caseload as well as acts in a proactive manner to reduce auto crimes within the City limits. Auto Theft can be reached at 936-522-3258

Crime Scene Unit

This specialized section is assigned to the Property Crimes Unit and responds to crime scenes as needed to process the scene for evidence. This is a highly technical and specialized unit with many diverse functions and responsibilities.

The duties assigned to this unit include processing crime scenes to recover fingerprints, footprints, blood, hair, fibers, or other evidence; the collection, preservation and documentation of all evidence, contraband, and property recovered by the Department; audio/visual, photography, and numerous other functions.

Crime Victim Liaison

The Crime Victim Liaison works closely with the victims of violent crimes. The liaison ensures that the victims are made aware of the rights afforded them under state law, of the procedures to apply for protective orders, of the procedures to apply for crime victim compensation, and of referral services available to them. The liaison also aids investigators in the interview of sexual assault victims and the juvenile victims of crime. The Crime Victim Liaison is also a certified interviewer at the Child Advocacy Center's Children's Safe Harbor.  To contact the Crime Victim's Liaison call 936-522-3231.