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Municipal Courts
2300 Plantation Drive
Conroe, Texas  77303

Business Hours
Monday-Thursday 8am-6 pm
Friday 8am-5pm

Court Clerk
Phone: 936.522.3380

Warrant Office
Phone: 936.522.3246

Phone: 936-522-3387

Trial Information

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**NOTICE:  ALL trials have been reset thru July 2020.  You will receive notice in the mail of your new date to appear. (Updated 5/7/20)

If you made a plea of not guilty before the Judge on your arraignment date and you spoke with the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney and you were given a trial date, you must appear on that date at 8:30 a.m.. If you have any witnesses that you would like to subpoena in reference to your case, you will need to get the list of witnesses, their addresses and phone numbers to the Court Clerk at least ten days (10) before your trial date.

Jury Trials

are set on the first Wednesday of the month. This is where you will have 12 citizens in which you and the State will be able to voir dire (question each citizen on their being able to be a fair judge of your case, example: have you ever received a citation for speeding, or do you know the officer). The State will be able to strike three and you will be able to strike three. At this point the clerk will take the strikes away and will pick the first six jurors to preside over your case. They will hear the case and will determine the verdict on your case. If your found guilty they will assess your punishment (fine).

Bench Trials

are set on the second and third Wednesday of the month. This is where the Municipal Judge will hear your case and assess your Judgment. If your found guilty the Judge will access your punishment (fine).

You will be able to question the officer and witnesses. The State will question them first and then you will be able to question them. It is best if you have your question listed before trial since most people will represent themselves. You can testify yourself but you are not required to and this cannot be held against you. If you have witnesses subpoenaed and you question these witnesses, the State will be able to question them also.

If you are found guilty of what the State has charged you with, you will be given a chance to appeal your case to a higher Court. If you appeal you must pick up an appeal bond from the Municipal Court, fill it out and return it within ten (10) consecutive days. If it is received late, it will have to be approved by the Judge.

Municipal Court is usually the first and only Court that people will come in contact with. At one time or another we will most likely receive a traffic citation and the Municipal Court or Justice of the Peace Court will be the only Court we as a people will have contact with.


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