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Municipal Courts
2300 Plantation Drive
Conroe, Texas  77303

Business Hours
Monday-Thursday 8am-5:30pm
Friday 8am-5pm

Court Clerk
Phone: 936.522.3380

Warrant Office
Phone: 936.522.3246

Phone: 936-522-3387

Ticket Fines

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Ticket Information

If you have received a citation that has been filed in the Conroe Municipal Court please allow 2-3 working days before you call for assistance; however, some citations may take longer to be filed (entered into the computer).

You can pay your fine here


 If you enter a plea of Guilty or No Contest you may pay the “Window Fine” without having to come to court. If you appear before the judge on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon at 2 PM, the first three weeks of the month, he has the option to adjust the fine amount and to discuss payment options if you cannot pay in full.

 Traffic Violations

Defective Stop Lights


 Defective Tail Lights


Defective Head Lights


Defective Equipment (General)


No License Plate Light


Displayed Unclean License Plate


 Expired License Plate 


Operate Unregistered Motor Vehicle


 Fail to Stop at Proper Point                                 $284.00
 Turned Right From Wrong  Lane                                 $284.00
 Fail to give Half of Road Way                                 $284.00
 Fail to Indicate Turn                                 $284.00
 Fail to Dim Head lights Approaching / Following                                 $208.00
 Driving Without Lights When Required                                 $284.00
 Disregard Red Light (non accident)                                 $283.00
 Disregard Traffic Control Device                                 $283.00
 Disregard Stop Sign (non accident)                                 $283.00
 Drove Wrong Way on a One way                                 $284.00
 Pass right Where Prohibited                                 $284.00
 Improper Start From Park                                 $284.00
 Solicit Ride/Employment/Contribution                                 $234.00
Failure to Drive in Single Lane                                $234.00 

Speeding Violations

If you are charged with Speeding, your calculations are as follows:



For the first 10 miles and each additional mile is $ 10.00 per mile over.

Speeding In a School Zone


For the first 10 miles and each additional mile is $ 10.00 per mile over.

Drivers License Violations

No Drivers License Permit


Allowing Unlicensed Person To Drive


Violate Driver License Restriction


Improper Driver License For Vehicle


Fail To Report Change of Address On D.L.


Expired Drivers License


Fail to Stop For School Bus


Citations Involved In An Accident

Following too Close


Fail to Yield Right-of-Way


Unsafe Lane Change


Backing Without Safety


Failure to Control Speed


Disregard Red Light


Disregard Stop Sign


Safety Belt Violations

Fail to Restrain Child under 8 yrs. & under 4'9"- Driver


Fail to Restrain Child over 8 yrs. & over 4'9"- Driver


Fail to Restrain Child younger than 17 yrs. but no child or booster seat required


Fail to Use Safety Restrain - Adult


Leave child in a vehicle


Financial Responsibility Violations

Fail to Maintain Proof of Financial Responsibility - 1st offense  $289.00
2nd Violation



Please note that second and subsequent violation conviction(s) of Fail to Maintain Proof of Financial Responsibility (no insurance) will result in suspension of your driving privilege (suspended drivers license). If your license is suspended for this violation and you are caught driving during this time you will be arrested and charged with a Class B misdemeanor. You cannot request defensive driving for this charge.

Non Traffic Violations



Public Intoxication


Disorderly Conduct




Theft Under $100


Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia


Fail To ID To Police


Fail To Obey Police


City Ordinance Violations

Unrestrained Animal


Noise Disturbance




Possession Alcohol In City Park


Parked In a Handicapped


Parked In a Fire Lane

$ 100.00

Backed into Angled Parking


Parked Facing Wrong Direction



For any violation fines not listed above please contact our office at 936-522-3380.