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I Got A Ticket, What Can I Do

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**NOTICE: If you are experiencing cold or flu like symptoms, please do not appear at the Conroe Municipal Court. Please contact the court for an extension via email at, or call the court at: 936-522-3380

If you received a citation (ticket) from a Conroe police officer, fire marshal, code enforcement officer, or the school police, you should see an “Appearance Date”, or the date you are to appear on your ticket. You must appear in court on that date, or exercise one of the options below before that date.  Failure to do so may result in additional charges being filed, and possibly warrants for you arrest.

Click Here for Appearance Dockets


There are eligibility requirements for some options.

Handling of Criminal Cases (for those 17 years old or older):

  1. Payment – Payment is recorded as a plea of “no contest” and waiver of trial by judge or jury, a conviction is entered and the conviction is reported to DPS.  *Note: if you want to pay but do not have the money for the entire amount at this time, you may appear before the judge see if you are eligible for other arrangements.

    Keep case off record without trial - Plea “no contest” and, if eligible, complete a Driver Safety Course or Deferred Disposition so that if successfully completed, your case will be dismissed and not be on your driving record as a conviction. For information on:

    Defensive Driving (Driver Safety Course)  click here

    Deferred Disposition   click here

  2. Show proof of compliance – There are certain violations that may be dismissed if you provide proof to the court. These include mechanical issues, registration, and proof of insurance. Most require a small dismissal fee. Note: To be eligible for dismissal of expired registration, you must show proof of paying a late fee when you got your registration renewed.
  3. Trial by judge or jury – Appear on your court day at 2 p.m.If you are entering a plea of “Not Guilty”, you will speak to the prosecutor about a trial date or any other recommendation that he might make to the court to prevent you from having to go to trial.
  4. Continuance/Extensions:If you need to reset a court date or need extra time to comply with a court order, you may mail a request to the judge, or appear in person on the first three weeks of the month on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons at 2 p.m...

Unable to Pay: If you owe fines and fees and are unable to pay, you may appear on Tuesday or Thursday at 2 p.m. the first three weeks of the month and ask the judge to assess your ability to pay and offer other options to satisfy your fines.

Handling of Juvenile Cases (16 years old or younger)

If you are age 10-16, you must appear in Court with your parent(s) or guardian(s).  A court docket notice will be mailed to the address on your citation.  If the address on your citation is incorrect, please provide your new address in writing.

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