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Mayor Powell is actively monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic to protect the health and safety of residents, visitors and city employees. It is even more vital at this time that we keep the citizens and businesses apprised of the situation and what our City Staff are doing to safely combat and overcome those obstacles.  Click here for the Mayor's latest updates and to share your comments or questions.

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Geographic Information System (GIS)
300 W. Davis
Conroe, Texas 77301




Interactive, Dynamic, Web Map

Have you ever wanted to just freely browse a map? Visually wander around? Well, our Interactive Maps let you do just that.

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Gallery, Official Maps, Printable, Free

If your in a hurry and need a Map quickly? Our standard Map Gallery may be just right for you.

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Statistics, Analysis, Interpretation

Trying to find out if Conroe is growing? What is the city population?  You're in luck, because we prepared Statistics to answer those questions.

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Map Books, Utility Maps, Fire Maps

Looking for an e-book?  Ours may not be a "Best Seller", but you can visually discover details about Conroe by clicking on our Map Books.

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Demographics, Population Characteristics

Did you know the U.S. Census Bureau collects demographic data? Click Demographics to find Financial, Jobs, Housing, People & Education breakdowns for “Conroe, City Texas



Download, Self Serve, Customize

Want it your way? Then try launching our KML or using our shapefiles in your favorite mapping software. Click Download for your convenience.

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