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L to R:  Deputy Chief Joe Craig, Firefighter Alex Merrick, Firefighter Jared Roetzler, Engine Operator Joshua Hamilton, Engine Operator Michael HIll, Engine Operator Bud Brooks, Lieutenant Marco Guillen, Lieutenant Joe Doffing, Lieutenant Clint Brochtrup, Firefighter Dakota Savacool, Firefighter Joseph Galleno, Deputy Chief Steve Cottar.

The Conroe Fire Department Hazmat program is a specialized response team within the Fire Department.  The Conroe Hazmat team participates as a member of the Houston Regional Urban Safety Initiative (UASI) as a FEMA Type 1 Hazmat asset.  Fifteen Firefighters are assigned to Conroe Fire Station 7 and Hazmat 7 is cross-staffed 24 hours a day with four Firefighters certified as Hazmat Technicians.  Conroe Hazmat is close partners with The Woodlands Fire Department Hazmat Team as well as the Montgomery County Fire Marshal's Office's Bomb Disposal Team.  These three teams train together regularly and rely on each other's assistance at large incidents within Montgomery County.  As a UASI participant, the Conroe Hazmat program receives support from the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management in the form of grants for both equipment and training.  Deputy Chief Steve Cottar leads and oversees the program.

  • In 2019, Hazmat-7 responded to 63 incidents that required the assistance of the Hazmat Team.
  • The Conroe Fire Department has 45 Firefighters certified as Hazardous Material Technicians with the Texas Commission on Fire Protection.
  • The most common hazardous materials responses are fuel spills on the roadway and broken natural gas lines.
  • Conroe Hazmat receives specialized training in response to weapons of mass destruction (WMD) incidents and is equipped with a complete assortment of radiological, chemical, and biological detection equipment.
  • The main priority of Conroe Hazmat is the preservation of life and rescue of occupants trapped by a leaking hazardous material.  Additionally, Conroe Hazmat will assist with incident mitigation in an attempt to preserve damage to property and the environment, until a suitable commercial hazmat contractor can be hired.