Downtown Residential Incentive Program

637937389060770000The City Council has established a Downtown Conroe Development Plan with the objective of stimulating new mixed use development and redevelopment within the designated Downtown area.  The plan emphasizes the need for new and expanded residential development.

City Council has established an incentive program designed to help stimulate new residential development while maintaining a design standard in keeping with the downtown area. 

Below are a list of resources and information about the Downtown Residential Incentive Program as well as the application and design standards.
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Downtown Residential Incentive Program7 documents

  • Downtown Residential Incentive Application
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  • Downtown Housing Target Zone Program Map
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  • Resolution No. 4472-19
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  • Residential Incentive Design Standards by District
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  • Architectural Review Board - Rules and Procedures
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  • Resolution Adopting a Revised Downtown Housing Target Zone
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    to include the Uptown District
  • Resolution Adopting Design Standards of New Residential Housing Units in Downtown Conroe 
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