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Water Testing

Post Date:11/20/2019

Recently the City of Conroe’s Public Works Department has received complaints about door to door solicitations for a company selling water treatment systems that may have left the impression that the solicitor was acting on behalf of the City and that there may be an issue with the water quality.  The City of Conroe Public Water System has a Superior rating with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  The TCEQ tests the City water and water quality meets or exceeds all EPA and TCEQ primary drinking water standards. The City does not endorse or recommend any products and customers should not be mislead by salespersons claiming they are acting on behalf of the City or the Public Works Department.

Door to door commercial solicitation is regulated by ordinance and each solicitor should possess and openly display an identification card with a valid solicitor’s permit number. Door to door solicitation is limited to the hours between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM or sunset, whichever occurs first.  If you believe a solicitor is acting without a permit or misrepresenting a connection to the City please call 936-522-3885.

Public Works would like to assure citizens that any City employee will have proper identification, drive a City vehicle, and will be wearing a uniform displaying “ City of Conroe”. 

If you have water related questions please call us at 936-522-3885 or email us at   The links below offer information about the City of Conroe’s drinking water.

Annual Water Quality Report

TCEQ Texas Drinking Water Watch