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Project Status Report

Post Date:11/26/2019 12:30 AM

The following is a brief update on current projects:

Pollok Drive_Conroe Park Drive_Conroe Park Drive & Pollok (CIDC) – Pollok southbound pavement is complete; Overall Work is 75% complete.  Scheduled completion: December 2019

Longmire Road Widening with Wedgwood Extension - Contractor working on underground utilities and storm sewer. Overall 85% of waterline and 60% of storm sewer construction is complete. Working on temporary pavement widening.  Scheduled completion: November 2020

Brass Nail Road and Grace Crossing Extension - Storm sewer construction is 100% complete. New concrete pavement for Grace Crossing Loop has been completed and curb is being poured; now working on additional driveway for Founders Classical Academy.  Overall project is 90% complete. Scheduled completion: November 2019

Robinwood Water Well - Well drilling operation is complete; well development continues & test pumping is complete.  Overall project is 55% complete.  Scheduled completion: February 2020

Proposed Sidewalk Improvements (Semands, Silverdale, & San Jacinto) - 85% complete; Contractor to finish Silverdale and Semands, then move to the Wilson Road and Foster Sidewalks. The Contractor will move back and finish San Jacinto. December 2019. Scheduled completion: possibly December 2019; on hold for Wilson Rd Sidewalk project

Sidewalks - Wilson Road and Foster Drive (federal funding) - Wilson Road Sidewalks - approx. 90% of work is complete.  Scheduled completion December 2019

Sewer Rehab - Forest Estates and Wroxton - Contractor has completed pre-construction CCTV inspections. Completed 20% of sewer lines rehabilitation.  Scheduled completion April 2020

Overhead to Underground Electrical Conversions (related to Hwy 105 Access Management) - Contractor (A&H) coordinating with power company to inspect transformer pad forms prior to concrete pour and working on internal connections.  Scheduled completion: December 2019

Street Rehab - Milltown Area Phase II - 5% overall complete. Scheduled Completion: June 2020

SSOI Section -7 Sewer Rehab Ph 2 - Overall rehabilitation work is 40% complete. Scheduled Completion: June 2020

Central Conroe (New) Treatment Plant-SW Quadrant of Foster & 3rd St. - Pre-Construction meeting: 11/19/19; project to begin 12/4/19

Lift Station Removal- Pebble Glen and Longmire Pointe - Reviewing submittals and schedules.  Scheduled completion: March 2020

3rd Bus Route - Sidewalks & Shelters / Sidewalk - Sgt Ed Holcomb Blvd - Contractor pouring in Avenue A and 2nd St areas. Scheduled completion: 1/2020.

RR Crossing Upgrade - Crighton Road at IH-45 - Pre-Construction meeting: 11/18/19; project to begin 12/3/19.

FM 1488 Water System Improvements (Water Well 25) - Pre-Construction meeting: 11/19/19; project to begin 12/4/19.

Remove & Replace - Ground Storage Tank Plant 20 (CIDC) - Pre-Construction Meeting: 12/02/19; project to begin mid December

Fountain Park Bridges & Trails - Council awarded 10/8/19; working on contracts

Signal - Sgt. Ed Holcomb at Camelot; Signal - Wally Wilkerson at Conroe Park West (CIDC); Signal - Wally Wilkerson at Pollok (CIDC) - Council awarded 11/14/19; working on contracts.

Signal Upgrades - City Wide Flashing Yellow Arrows Council award 10/24/19; working on contracts.

Force Main - Chapel Hill to April Sound - Council awarded 11/14/19; working on contracts.

Rehab – Live Oak Creek  - Received bids 11/14/19; Council to award on 11/25/19.

Water Line Rehab - Lewis, Roberson, Dallas, & Palestine - Receive Bids 11/21/19

Street Rehab - Westview Boulevard & Montgomery Park Boulevard W/sidewalks & waterline - Receive Bids 11/21/19.

Drainage Improvements - Bois D'Arc Bend at Walden Road - Receive Bids 12/12/19

 Traffic Signal- Bois D'Arc Bend at Walden Road - Receive Bids 12/12/19.




  • Camelot Street Extension  
  • Wilson Road Widening & Traffic Signal at Frazier
  • SH105 West Waterline Extension
  • Sewer Rehab - SH 105/IH45 Sanitary Sewer Phase 3
  • SSOI Section-6 Sanitary Sewer Rehab