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Project Status Report

Post Date:05/29/2020 12:44 PM

The following is a brief update on current projects:

Longmire Road Widening with Wedgwood Waterline Extension - Water: 100% complete and in service. Scheduled completion: November 2020Storm Sewer: 90% completed; Pavement: NB approx 6,800lf; SB approx 1,800lf; Sidewalk: approx 6,800lf complete

Robinwood Water Well - Contractor is waiting on pump motor delivery scheduled late May. Overall project is 85% complete.  Scheduled completion: May 2020

Overhead to Underground Electrical Conversions (related to Hwy 105 Access Management) - A & H is installing pull strings to enable Entergy to pull cable.

SSOI Section -7 Phase 2 - Contractor has completed approximately 15000 lf of sewer rehab and continues work on road repairs and service leads. Scheduled Completion: July 2020

Central Conroe Treatment Plant - SW Quadrant of Foster & 3rd St. - Contractor has completed aeration slabs pour, headworks columns and wall placement, and excavation for clarifiers; bridge deck concrete in place.  Scheduled Completion: March 2022

Lift Station Removal- Pebble Glen and Longmire Point - 8" gravity line along Pebble Glen Drive is complete; the 4" force main along Pebble View Drive complete; lift station packages delivery scheduled for 5/27.

FM 1488 Water System Improvements (Water Well 25) - Pump test complete;tank walls have been installed.  Scheduled completion: March 2021

Remove & Replace - Ground Storage Tank Plant 20 (CIDC) - Contractor has poured wall and dome panels; installing structural steel stress wire.

Fountain Park Bridges & Trails – Pending on boardwalk delivery.  Scheduled Completion: TBD

Signal - Sgt. Ed Holcomb at Camelot; Signal - Wally Wilkerson at Conroe Park West (CIDC); Signal - Wally Wilkerson at Pollok (CIDC) - Foundations have been installed; pending delivery of materials and electrical; pole installed at Pollok.  Scheduled Completion: June 2020

Signal Upgrades - Flashing Yellow Arrows - 16 intersections have been activated.  Completion: May 2020

Force Main - Chapel Hill to April Sound - Contractor has installed 2400 lf; hangers on 105 bridge have been installed; pending electrical submittal review. Completion: July 2020 

Rehab – Live Oak Creek Drainage - Contractor has poured approximately 4500 SY of concrete; working on backfill and site restoration;  Completion: August 2020

Water Line Rehab - Lewis, Roberson, Dallas, & Palestine, 3rd Street, Academy Drive, Pozos, and Adkins Area - Waterline at Academy and Criminal Justice complete; 3rd street area is 99% complete; Scheduled completion: April 2021

Street Rehab - Westview Boulevard & Montgomery Park Boulevard W/sidewalks & waterline - Crew preparing to work on intersections and outside lanes on Montgomery Park Blvd; traffic change scheduled for 6/15; crew has completed connection 12" waterline to Loop portion and has added 400 CY of pavement on Westview and two inlets.  Scheduled completion: September 2020

Drainage Improvements - Bois D'Arc Bend at Walden Road - Project start after utility relocations.

Traffic Signal- Bois D'Arc Bend at Walden Road - Project start after utility relocations.

GLO-CDBG-DR 2016 Flood Grant – Sewer rehab continues; project is 30% complete overall;  Scheduled completion: July 2020

Roadway Extension & Bridge Conroe Industrial Park (CIDC) & Farrel Road; CIDC Utilities (sewer & water) – Contractor installed approximately 1730 lf of 10" sanitary sewer; install approximately 4405 lf of 12" water line; installed approximately 450lf of 12" sanitary sewer; Scheduled Completion: April 2021

Water Plant #26 (McCaleb) – Processing contract documents.

Sewer System Improvements - Carl Barton – Processing contract documents.

Market Street Roadway Extension –  Processing contract documents; pre-construction meeting: 6/4

CIDC Lift Station – Processing contract documents.

Water Plant #26 Access Road – Processing contract documents; pre-construction meeting: 6/3


  • Street Rehab - Milltown Area Phase II
  • Sidewalk Improvements: Wilson Road and Foster Drive/Federal Funding
  • Sewer Rehab - Forest Estates and Wroxton
  • Sidewalk Improvements: Semands, Silverdale & San Jacinto
  • Wilson Road Widening & Traffic Signal at Frazier
  • 3rd Bus Route – Sidewalks & Shelters/Sidewalk – Sgt Ed Holcomb Blvd