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Project Status Report

Post Date:09/27/2019 3:30 PM

The following is a brief update on current projects:

Pollok Drive_Conroe Park Drive_Conroe Park Drive & Pollok (CIDC) - Contractor stabilized Wally Wilkerson along Conroe Park North on the Southbound lanes.  Scheduled for completion in December 2019.

Longmire Road Widening (Design: Bleyl) with Wedgwood Extension - Contractor continues to work on waterline (40% complete); 30% complete for storm sewer.  Scheduled for completion November 2020.

Brass Nail Road and Grace Crossing Extension - Construction 45% complete; contractor has poured all of Grace Crossing eastbound, pouring westbound lanes on Tuesday (10/1); Contractor is stabilizing the well site entrance at #19 and will pour Wednesday (10/2). Scheduled completion November 2019.

Robinwood Water Well - Contractor is about 53%.

• Installed Well Screens and Gravel Filter Pack
• Developing the Well with drilling rig
• Planning to demobilize the drilling rig early next week.
Scheduled completion February 2020

Proposed Sidewalk Improvements (Semands, Silverdale, & San Jacinto) - 85% complete; Contractor to finish Silverdale and Semands, then move to the Wilson Road and Foster Sidewalks. The Contractor will move back and finish San Jacinto at the very end of December 2019. Completion September 2019 - Project on hold until Wilson & Foster Sidewalks are complete.

Sidewalks - Wilson Road and Foster Drive (federal funding) - Project to begin 9/20/19. Contractor has formed up approx. 600 lf of sidewalk on Wilson Road.

Sewer Rehab - Forest Estates and Wroxton - Project to begin 8/23/19; pending construction schedule & Pre-TV.

Overhead to Underground Electrical Conversions (related to Hwy 105 Access Management) - Contractor to meet with Consolidated next week for coordination. Project to begin 8/28/19.

Street Rehab - Milltown Area Phase II - Project to begin 8/28/19. Survey underway.  Completion June 2020.

SSOI Section -7 Sewer Rehab Ph 2 - Contractor has completed 1,000 linear feet on Avenue E. Completion June 2020.

Central Conroe (New) Treatment Plant-SW Quadrant of Foster & 3rd St. - Council to Award 8/22/19; working on contracts.

Lift Station Removal- Pebble Glen and Longmire Pointe - Council to Award 8/22/19; working on contracts.

3rd Bus Route - Sidewalks & Shelters / Sidewalk - Sgt Ed Holcomb Blvd - Council to Award 8/22/19; working on contracts.

RR Crossing Upgrade - Crighton Road at IH-45 - Receive bids 9/5/19, Council to Award 9/26/19.

FM 1488 Water System Improvements (Water Well 25) - Receive Bids 9/12/19. Council to Award 9/26/19.

Remove & Replace - Ground Storage Tank Plant 20 (CIDC) - Receive Bids 9/12/19. Council to Award 9/26/19.

Fountain Park Bridges & Trails - Receive Bids 9/26/19; working on Council Award.

Signal - Sgt. Ed Holcomb at Camelot; Signal - Wally Wilkerson at Conroe Park West (CIDC); Signal - Wally Wilkerson at Pollok (CIDC) - Receive Bids 10/10/19.

Signal Upgrades - City Wide Flashing Yellow Arrows - Receive Bids 10/10/19.

Force Main - Chapel Hill to April Sound - Receive Bids 10/17/19.



  • Camelot Street Extension  
  • Wilson Road Widening & Traffic Signal at Frazier
  • SH105 West Waterline Extension
  • Sewer Rehab - SH 105/IH45 Sanitary Sewer Phase 3
  • SSOI Section-6 Sanitary Sewer Rehab