Property Evaluation

A property evaluation is performed as part of the procedure to obtain a Certificate of Compliance, when a plat has not yet been filed for approval and a property owner is uncertain whether or not a plat is required.

This process confirms whether property complies with Chapter 94 of the Code of Ordinances, or how it may be brought into compliance with City subdivision regulations. This includes:

  • Whether a plat of the lot or building site is not required
  • If consolidation of previously platted, contiguous lots into a single consolidated building site is possible
  • Whether or not a parcel of land may be excepted from the requirement to plat
  • If a plat is required, the type of plat required

Certificate of Compliance

A Certificate of Compliance certifies that a plat of the lot or building site is not required and confirms that property otherwise complies with Chapter 94 of City Ordinances.

A Certificate of Compliance is required for any property prior to:

  • the submittal of development plans
  • the issuance of any type of permit related to building or development, or
  • the connection to any City utility or any other retail public utility, including water, sewer, gas, electricity, and other utility services.
Note: A Certificate of Compliance is also issued once a plat of the property has been approved in accordance with subdivision regulations, and need not be requested via separate application.

Request a Certificate of Compliance

Platting Exception

An owner of a parcel of land may file an application with the City Engineer for an exception from the requirement to plat if the land complies with all requirements listed in Sec. 94-102(d) of City Ordinance.

Request a Platting Exception