In 1999, the City of Conroe installed a survey control network to ensure that a consistent horizontal and vertical datum is used by all. This control network, developed by Clark-Geogram, Inc. Land Surveyors, is based upon seven (7) existing control points, nineteen (19) National Geodetic Survey (NGS) benchmarks, and twenty-four (24) new monument pairs. .

All City data is stored in the following datum:

  • Coordinate System: NAD1983 Texas State Plane Central Zone (FIPS 4203) (US Survey Feet)
  • Projection: Lambert Conformed Conic
  • Vertical: NAVD88, 1991 adjustment (US Survey Feet)

City Monuments & Benchmarks Map

Survey Monumentation Report

 Conroe Control Datum (.csv)

Google Earth: Conroe Control Monuments