Normal Trash Pickup for Labor Day Holiday

There will be no change to Waste Management trash services during the upcoming Labor Day holiday, September 3, 2018.  We will continue with normal trash schedule.

Purchasing Contacts

Kristina Colville
Purchasing Manager

Dan Neumann
Warehouse Supervisor



Awarded Bids / RFP / RFQ

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 Bid PD Tahoes 10/12/17 Buckalew Chevrolet $388,512.

Bid Various Vehicles 10/26/17 Buckalew Chev, Grapevine Dodge, Chastang Ford ASCO, $390,907.

Bid Patrol Car Equipment 11/19/17 Fleet Safety $101,866.

RFP Consulting Services Performing Arts Center 10/26/17$40,000.

RFP Candy Cane Reforestation Project No Award

RFP Safe School Access 12/14/17 Texas Wall and Landscape $1,295,513.

RFP N Thompson Paver Repairs 11/19/17 Jerdon $336,336.

RFP Audio Updrages  Owen Theater 12/14/17 Porsche $70,404.

RFP League Line and Plantation Sidewalks 12/14/17 Precise Servicesw $617,000.

Bid Parks Cleaning 12/14/17 DeAngelo Bros $124,643.

RFP Wilson Road Widening 12/14/17 Triple B Services $4,729,988.

RFP SSOI Section 6 1/25/18 T Construction $1,697,021.65

RFQ OJCC Feasibility Study2/15/18 $60,000.

RFQ Traffic Signal Construction Grace Crossing 1/25/18  Third Coast Construction $253,146.

RFP Water Line Relocation 2/22/18 IPR South Central $834,230.50

RFP Effluent Outfall Structure 2/22/18 Doughtie Construction $1,588,490.

RFP Mail and Print Utility Bills 5/10/18 Data Pros $38,000

RFQ Design services Aquatic Center Park  4/12/18 Kimley Horn and Assoc $253,750.00

 RFP 517-2018 Water Well and Plant Scada 6/7/18 Prime Controls $375,000.

RFP Consulting Services - Classification Study 6/7/18 Evergreen Solutions $48,500.

RFP Storage and Sign Buildings 6/14/18 MJR Services $563,715.00

RFP Municipal Court Debt Collections Svcs 6/28/18 Award Pending

2018-702 Annual Mowing and Landscape Svcs Barton Park 7/19/18 Award Pending

2018-718 Bid for Materials for Chase Run Waterline 7/19/18 Award Pending

RFP 2018-03 Traffic Signal Loop 336-Conroe Medical Drive 8/16/18 Award Pending

RFP 2018-812 Advocacy- Lobbying 8/23/18 Award Pending

RFP 2018-725 Health and Welfare 8/23/18 Award Pending

RFP 2018-15 SSOI Section 7 Phase 1 SS Rehab 8/23/18 Award Pending

Bid CDBG Housing Project 8/28/18 Award Pending