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Annexation Information

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  2018 Annexation Information Picture All annexations must be carried out according to State law and the City Code of Ordinances. As a "home-rule" City of more than 50,000 people, Conroe has the authority to annex property contiguous with and within three and a half miles of its current City Limits, following procedures consistent with Chapter 43 of the Texas Local Government Code.


The State of Texas grants cities authority to annex territory in two different ways:

  • Annexation can be requested by a property owner (voluntary exempted process); and
  • the City can annex a property without the consent of the owner (non-voluntary process).

Annexation is the means by which the City grows.  Annexation increases the boundaries of the City by square miles and increases the population and the tax revenue.   It also  increases the opportunity for jobs and a variety of new experiences for all citizens.   The annexation process begins in February each year.  Many factors go into determining whether the City will annex a property or not.  Many times annexation is driven by economics and new development.

When the City annexes property,  an individual Service Plan is developed for each parcel.  The newly annexed parcel of land is entitled to the same, or similar services, that the City provides across the City as a whole.

Watch our Annexation Program Page for updates on annexations.

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