City of Conroe, Texas

#1 fastest-growing large city in the US!

Conroe City Limits:72.0 sq.mi.

Percentage of City Limits Built-Out: 364.6% (approximately)

Conroe Extra-territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ): 329.9 sq.mi.

Conroe Planning Area (regulated portion of ETJ): 64.8 sq.mi.

Conroe Population Estimate 4(2018) *82,919

Conroe Census Population *(2010): 256,207

Conroe Census Population Estimate ^(2017): 284,378

U.S. Census Bureau Fact Sheet for Conroe city, Texas 


Texas State Demographer Population Projection *(2017): 185,685

Texas State Demographer Report

* Population estimates reported are as of January 1 of the year stated and includes annexation population increases.


^Population estimates reported are as of July 1 of the year stated.

1 Source: Population Estimates and Projections Program, Texas State Data Center Office of the State Demographer, Institute for Demographic and Socioeconomic Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio.

2Source:US Census Bureau, Population Estimates, Census 2000, 1990 Census.

325.5 sq.mi. of wooded area remaining inside city limits. Assumes undeveloped open space is accounted for within unusable wooded area.
4Conroe Resolution No. 2910-08designated a population greater than 50,00 and therefore expanded ETJ boundary to 3.5 Miles.