Normal Trash Pickup for Labor Day Holiday

There will be no change to Waste Management trash services during the upcoming Labor Day holiday, September 3, 2018.  We will continue with normal trash schedule.

Fire Station 2

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425 N Loop 336 E

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 Engine 2

2 - E-2 (1019)

2010 Pierce Quantum Pumper.  Has a 750 gallon water tank with the capability to pump up to 1,500 gallons per minute.  Also equipped with a 20 gallon Class A foam tank and a 100 gallon Class B foam tank.  The addition of directly piped Class A and B foam enhances the ability to fight normal combustible and flammable liquid fires.

Foam 2

2 - Foam-2 (0412)

2004 Ford F-550 Foam Response Truck.  Has two elevated master stream nozzles with the capability to flow up to 1,000 gallons per minute.  Carries one 265 gallon tote of Class B foam and an additional 30 five gallon pails of Class B foam.  Designed to work in conjunction with a pumper to deploy a large quantity of foam over a large incident such as a fuel tanker or aircraft fire.

Boat 2

2010 Achilles SU-14 Boat and Trailer.  Has a 30 horsepower Mercury outboard motor.  Can be utilized in swift-water rescue or normal lake operations.

Utility 2

2 - U-2 (0724)

2007 Ford F-150 Pickup Truck.  Used to deploy Boat 2 and serves as the reserve vehicle for BC-1.

Fire Safety Trailer

2 - Safety Trailer (T0239)

Mobile Concepts by SCOTTY Fire Safety Trailer.  Hands-on learning tool that helps children learn how to react in case of a fire in their home.  The internal smoke system allows children to practice evacuation of a home in low-visibility situations.