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One hundred twenty-five professional firefighters and four civilian employees staff the Fire Department. The department offers service from six strategically located fire stations and the administrative offices at City Hall. The department heavily emphasizes fire prevention through educational programs, facility inspections, and plan review for new construction. When fires do occur, however, the department is prepared to respond with modern equipment and a highly trained and dedicated group of professional firefighters. A fire is only one of the emergencies that for which the department is prepared; water rescues, aerial rescues, confined space rescues, hazardous material incidents and natural disasters are a few examples of the type of incidents the department handles. In addition, a fire truck is usually the first to arrive on the scene in a medical emergency. The city's firefighters are trained to stabilize patients until paramedics arrive with an ambulance. The employees of the department also find time to participate in a wide variety of community events. Fire trucks are found at parades, at school carnivals, and even chauffeuring Santa Claus.


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2012 CFD Annual Report


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