2018 Annexation Information:

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2018 Annexation Information:


The City will not be moving forward with the recently proposed annexations at this time.   There will not be Public Hearings on Wednesday, April 25 or Thursday, April 26. 2018.  After the annexation process began, the City has been in discussions with property owners and some valid issues were brought forth regarding the proposed annexations and the development of the area.  City staff wants an opportunity to review this information and appropriately advise the Council.  When development is already in the works on a tract of land, prior to the start of the annexation process, the entire process can become much more complicated.  In order to preserve the integrity of any future annexation of this area, the City will defer the annexation process and the Public Hearings.      



Overall 2018 Annexation Map

Public Hearing Notices:

4/25/2018 & 4/26/2018 Public Hearing Hearing Notice

Draft Service Plans: (Coming Soon...)

2018-01 - (DEFERRED)

2018-02 - (DEFERRED)

2018-04 - (DEFERRED)

2018-05 - (DEFERRED)