New Development & Growth

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2018 Development

Click here to see the latest list of ongoing development for the City of Conroe, including, but not limited to, The Woods of Conroe- Section 3, Water Crest on Lake Conroe- Section 13, and Memorial Hermann Urgent Care. Listed are some of the permits that have been issued by the City to various projects or developments. This list is intended for informational purposes only and it is not an all-inclusive list. The list includes both commercial and residential permits. Please note: Just because a permit has been issued or approved, it does not mean the project or development is underway. Check this sight periodically for an updated list.

As of 08/14/18

2017 Development

Click here to see the final list of ongoing development for the City of Conroe as of 2017, including, but not limited to, Laurel Ridge at Graystone, West Lake Village, & Calyx Floral Company. See above for ongoing 2018.

As of 05/21/18



Camp Strake / Grand Central Park

The City is excited to provide Johnson Development’s vision for the re-development of the Camp Strake property.  The Grand Central Park Development will provide exciting growth to Conroe and take our City to a new level of commercial and residential projects.  Besides many styles of housing, in Grand Central Park, you will find restaurants, shopping, markets, jobs, education, amenities, entertainment and much more--- all wrapped in the beautiful property it has always been.   At this time, the City has issued multiple Clearing Permits for roads and infrastructure.  Visit this site for future updates.  Grand Central Park--- really will be grand.