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Conroe – The Woodlands Urbanized Area Mobility Committee Seek Partners to Develop County-Wide Transportation Implementation Strategy

Post Date:04/10/2017

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Conroe – The Woodlands Urbanized Area Mobility Committee Seek Partners to Develop County-Wide Transportation Implementation Strategy


The Conroe – The Woodlands Urbanized Area Mobility Committee (Committee) was formed in October 2012 after the U.S. census designated the Conroe and Woodlands as a new “large” urbanized area (UZA) in 2010. The Committee is composed of representatives from the City of Conroe, The Woodlands Township, Montgomery County, and the unincorporated cities of Oak Ridge North, Willis, Shenandoah, Panorama Village, Cut and Shoot, and the Town of Woodloch. The Committee, along with UZA and Montgomery County stakeholders and the public have participated in numerous discussions regarding the need for a better transportation implementation strategy to serve those most in need.

Oak Ridge North Mayor Jim Kuykendall said, “. . . individuals have provided public comment to the effect that without a public transportation trip provided by the City of Conroe, Senior Rides, or Interfaith of the Woodlands that they would have no way to get to an important medical appointment, like dialysis. You are literally talking about life and death situations that hinge on shoe-string budgets to provide these transportation services.”

In August 2016, Committee members and stakeholders met to discuss the unmet transportation needs of seniors, veterans, and persons with disabilities and/or low incomes. Committee member and Montgomery County Commissioner Jim Clark emphasized that "the east part of the County is in great need for better connections to medical, social service, education and employment destinations."

Committee Chairman Gordy Bunch said, “This is an issue that impacts everybody. I imagine that hospitals, special districts, municipalities, social service organizations, everybody really, has a vested interest in seeing this problem addressed effectively.”

Committee member and Conroe City Councilmember Guy Martin echoed this sentiment. “We’ve been talking about this for several months now. It’s time to create a better implementation strategy so that more agencies, service providers, and cities can get moving on solving the problem.”

Broad-based buy-in is critical to addressing entrenched transportation problems effectively. Soon, Committee Chairman Bunch and Committee members will be reaching out to interested parties and stakeholders to ask that they consider a financial commitment towards building this transportation implementation strategy, tentatively dubbed “Moving Montgomery County.” The Committee will send a letter requesting buy-in for between $2,000 and $5,000 and noting that the success of Moving Montgomery County “would be bolstered by broad support of political subdivisions, non-profit organizations, and other stakeholders within Montgomery County, who are concerned about the growing demand to connect people with medical, social service, education, employment and other essential destinations.”

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